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I am delighted to welcome you to our housing and development web site that enables you to learn more about exciting developments at KSD. This part of our site sets out the background to our partnership agreement with the CNBM International Corporation of China. CNBM is a Fortune 500 company and is one of the most respected building products manufacturers in the world.

Since 2012, we have developed our strong relationship with CNBM and you will see a lot of evidence of that within this site. As some readers will know, we imported a test house in 2013 and that process enabled us to develop and improve the homes and other developments that will be featured in this site in the months and years ahead. CNBM/KSD has a partnership agreement that will see high quality light gauge steel homes and developments into the UK/EU and Middle East markets from 2014. You will see a link to a short video that explains the products on offer and how they add real value to the development process.

KSD is acutely aware that we need more homes in the UK. We know that over 5 million people languish on housing waiting lists and that the levels of new homes being built in the UK are at their lowest levels since 1924. The development industry in the UK needs more innovation and a new approach. The existing approach has failed and simply reforming the planning system alone will not solve the UK housing supply crisis.

Our partnership with CNBM is unique because we are able to offer a very high quality home at a fraction of its UK price. We know that our prices will be much cheaper for homes delivered through existing routes of development and such savings enable our clients to raise standards whilst keeping costs lower than other means of supply. The light gauge steel system is not unique in itself, but the price model is – CNBM is passing on its supply chain savings to KSD and we offer those savings to our clients.

To keep prices competitive, we will ensure that we only source homes from BNBM that deploy their core structural system sourced directly from their Beijing factories. The external finish is based on a system that can use many different design styles, colours and appearance.

We offer an alternative solution to the UK housing market and we know that our products will be embraced by the UK market.

We are reducing the costs of development whilst increasing quality. The low cost of a KSD/BNBM home provides a vast range of opportunities that ensure that all potential projects are viable and deliver best value.

Our homes will work across all sectors of the market including:

  • Local authorities
  • Government sites and Regeneration areas
  • Housing associations
  • Private sales and the buy to let/residential investment markets
  • Schools or school extensions
  • Other public sector sites
  • Workspace
  • Retail/retail parks
  • Commercial development
  • Mixed use development

The flexible nature of our products means that we can extend our service offer to every part of the development sector. We will procure work and contacts through the following means:

  • Through tender/OJEU frameworks for public sector contracts
  • Through competitive dialogue exercises with clients
  • Through negotiated tenders

KSD understands how the range of markets works and we will comply with the standards of conduct, probity and transparency that our clients will demand.

Our core aim is to offer value and service to every one of our clients.

I hope that you will choose us as your development partner and please do contact me to discuss your organisations requirements.


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